Using our "Search" page, search for places you would like to view their menus and possibly order from. Each listing has a white star on the right side, and clicking the star (if you are logged in) will add this location to your "My Places" page and will color the star in gold. If you are not logged in after clicking the white star, the "Login" page will show asking you to login or register if you do not have an account. Registration to OrderForPickup is FREE! The registration form is short with basic info. We will NOT stoe any customer credit card on our system, but the information will be sent encrypted directly to the credit card processing. We will never share your information (unless is it for transaction you make as we will have to share your information with the credit card processing to complete your transaction). We will never sell your information to a third party, as your privacy is most important to us above all. Customers never pay for OrderForPickup service! Customers only pay for food ordered.  

OrderForPickup App

OrderForPickup App was built for the customer convenience to order food for pickup with just couple of clicks. We have done an extensive research and based on our findings, we customized OrderForPickup to be easy to use, efficient, time saving, and above all, remove the need to talk to someone on the phone and explain again how you like your food prepared. Some of OrderForPickup features includes: customer ability to save your favorites to My Places; Re-Order function where a customer can Login and view all history orders from each place ordered from, and with a click Re-Order any past order (which will include your customization notes on how you like your food prepared from the original order); the customer sets up the pickup time window at their convenience and can plan in advance the time of the meal. We are working on new features and enhancements to OrderForPickup app, and periodically update with new features. We are currently working on map integration so we can provide customers exact distance to each business, and ability to create a rout on the map from the customer location to the food pickup location.  


Want your business to join OrderForPickup? Click here for more information and Free business account registration. OrderForPickup is integrated with QuickBooks online accounting software. If your business has a QuickBooks online account, you can register your business Free of charge by clicking "Get App Now" button on OrderForPickup App Card via QuickBooks App Center.  



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